About Me, Kirsi Gentile


My name is Kirsi Gentile, I am a mom of 3 children Jaylin 18, AvaRose 5 and Danilo 3, a Wife, a
Coach & a Mentor.

I have always believed that I was meant for something great. It took me a while to figure out
what that was. lol…But I just knew that there was more out there for me than just working a
regular 9 – 5 and leave my life, my future in the hands of someone else.
I don’t know if it was the young, single mom in me. That was always thinking ahead, always
think about the what if.

What if I lose my job?
What if I get hurt?
What if I can’t get hired?
What if I don’t make enough money?

I remember being 23 years old, it was 2007. I was working for a mortgage company, I was
making great money for being a young adult with no college degree and no experience. I was
super driven, I was a single mom and it was just me and my daughter. I was living on my own
and thanks to this “Great Job” I was able to afford a 2007 Lexus (the same car the CFO of my
company had, I think I pooped on his showing off parade) LOL.
I just remember thinking I don’t want to wait until I’m 50 years old to drive a nice car, a brand
new car. I want to start now why not? And so I decided I was going to drive a brand New Lexus.
As I said, I was driven and self-motivated no one around me thought like I did. One day I saw
someone get fired at my job. I started thinking “That could be me”. I remember thinking and
feeling like…
I am living a borrowed life, If I lose my job all of this is gone!. My income is gone just like
that! Our home, everything we had. The only source I had to feed and provide for my daughter,
my car my, which was my only method of transportation. I literally saw my life
disappear before my eyes.

This thought made me so scared. I decided that I needed another source of income. I needed to
have a “Plan B”. I need a job that would not take more time away from my daughter. Since I was
already working a full-time job. I need something I can earn instant cash and that I can do at

So I went to bartending school and became a bartender. I was able to work 1-2 nights a week
while my daughter was sleeping and my mother watched her for me. Little did I know that a
couple of months later. My biggest fear came true, my job, my main source of income laid off the
entire staff and went out of business. This was during the real estate market crash when 80% of
mortgage companies went out of business. I was hard broken I really loved and enjoyed working
at that company. I still have my 3 year anniversary crystal frame they gave me.
I just could not believe it! Thankfully I had a “Plan B” to fall back on and I was able to
provide for us without losing it all and while I looked for another full-time job which took

So since that experience I’ve always had a “Plan B”. It was a lesson that I will never forget.
It taught me that nothing is guarantee and that it’s up to me create my own security. I started
to read books about successful people, Rich Dad, Poor Dad was one of my first entrepreneur
books I read. I wanted to know how successful people and the rich gained their wealth.

I learned
that they all had One thing in common it was “MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INCOME”.Fast forward to 2014 , I was a newlywed and after 14 years I decided to expand my family
and had my second daughter AvaRose. Soon after I started to work full-time at what I thought
was my dream job it turned out to be the worst place company I ever worked for. It was a Real
Estate Management company that owned a lot of properties including high income luxury
apartments and a lot of low-income buildings. Thru that experience I learned that so many
people were being mistreated. They were being abused by their own landlord. Their heat being

turned off in during the winter, their apartments never repaired. Their rent money being stolen
from their own property managers. I was sick to my stomach everyday that I worked there.
From that experience I learned that I loved to help people and I prayed to god to put my in a
place where I can help people in any way possible, Helping others made me feel good inside and
what had always come natural to me.
Well I think god, got sick of my begging and decided to fetch me a bone he
answered my prayers and put this opportunity in my life. I was not open to this opportunity at
first, until one day while I was working at the real estate management company. A gentleman
wanted to apply for one of the high-income luxury apartments. He showed me his tax return to
prove his income and it showed he made over 6 figures and that he was a distributor for the
same Business Opportunity Company I am going to share with you today.
After that day, It all Changed for me and that was the last full-time job I had.

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